Neighbourhood Watch and North Yorkshire Community Messaging

There are several Neighbourhood Watch and Community Messaging Schemes which keep people informed about issues affecting the safety and security of our community.

We filter and publish the pertinent ones on this website and summarise them on this page.

You can find out more information on the North Yorkshire Community Website.

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North Yorkshire Police – Ryedale News

North Yorkshire Police – Advice on Keeping Your Home Safe

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North Yorkshire Community Messaging – Fake Police Officers

Once again, here in North Yorkshire we’ve had a surge in reports of a phone scam where an individual receives a call purporting to be from a police officer who has their son/daughter/nephew/niece/grandchild in custody in possession of their bank card. The caller tells the individual to attend the bank and draw out a significant […]

North Yorkshire Community Messaging – Warning

Please be on your guard against callers asking where delivery drivers leave parcels when you’re not at home. We’ve had reports of van driver claiming to be from Amazon & asking residents where their parcels are left. Please don’t pass any info to cold callers.

North Yorkshire Community Messaging – Dog Thefts

  ARRESTED Due to the vigilance of our rural communities, x2 people were arrested today on suspicion of attempt theft. This is following a crackdown on recent trends of dog thefts across the country. We want to send a clear message to these people that we are aware and that we are on the lookout […]

Coronavirus Vaccine Text Messages

NHS text alerts for life-saving Covid jab The NHS will begin texting people today inviting them to book their life saving Covid jab, making it quicker and more convenient to get an appointment. Almost 400,000 people aged 55 and over and 40,000 unpaid carers will be the first to get a text alert inviting them […]

Neighbourhood Watch Update March 2021

Neighbourhood Watch Several villagers have raised questions about the possibility of re-forming a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme following various reports of suspicious late night activity around Flaxton and neighbouring villages. At the last council meeting it was felt that Neighbourhood Watch (NW) should be a community-lead initiative as a successful NW scheme requires active involvement of […]

Royal Mail Email Scam

A member of our village has made us aware of the following email scam which is doing the rounds. Please be cautious when opening emails or clicking on links within emails.

North Yorkshire Community Messaging – COVID vaccination scam

Flaxton Parish Council would like to draw your attention to the below message which has been received from North Yorkshire Community Messaging   On 27th January 2021 I advised of an email ‘doing the rounds’ which appeared to be from the NHS inviting the recipient to register for a Covid vaccination. This was a ‘phishing’ […]

Neighbourhood Watch – Could you become a Community Champion?

As you will no doubt be aware, Flaxton does not currently have an active Neighbourhood Watch Scheme however some residents have expressed an interest in setting one up. It is a community led function and not a Parish Council one therefore if you feel you have some time to spare and could give something back […]

North Yorkshire Community Messaging – COVID 19 Vaccine Scam

Sent on behalf of Neighbourhood Watch. we have been alerted to a highly believable scam which starts with a text and advises the user that they are eligible to apply for the vaccine and to click on the link in the text message.  The user is then led to a webpage, which looks very convincing […]