Flaxton Against Coronavirus

Flaxton Against Coronovirus is being set up to assist anyone in the village who may be susceptible to COVID-19 (Coronovirus).  The government are suggesting that over 70’s and/or people with underlying health issues should self isolate.  To do this may prove difficult for some.

We are offering physical assistance to help people do this.

If you want shopping collecting we can do this by on-line shopping on your behalf and will take delivery ourselves and deliver to your door.

We can organise medical prescriptions to be delivered or collected for you.

The volunteers in this group are open to suggestions on how else we can assist those in need in our village as we know some are dependent on friends and relatives outside of the area.

In a situation like this where resources are stretched we aim to coordinate this village self-help group.

Please feel free to ring Derek Leetham on 07764 679275 at any time you like.  My preferred time is 9am to 10pm but I will take calls at any time of day.  I have other volunteers male and female that I can call on to assist.

This is not Council driven.  It is care for parishioners by parishioners who have time and the will to help others.


Derek Leetham