Flaxton Environment Group



The Flaxton Environment Group was initially established in 2023, as one of the actions following on from the Flaxton Village Plan.  A majority of those responding to the questionnaire on which the Plan was based were in favour of establishing such a group.  The aims of the Group are as follows:

  1. To provide a source of information and expertise to help maintain and enhance the village environment and wildlife.
  2. To encourage active participation by villagers, including young people, in recording, learning about and conserving the natural environment.
  3. Work with others to improve the management of common land and other natural areas, where possible, in order to enhance wildlife and environmental value.

The group is run by a committee consisting of the following members:

  • Nigel Boatman (chair)
  • Steve Axford (Secretary)
  • Simon Hudson
  • Chris Irish
  • Anne-Marie Mook

You can read the Environment Group Constitution. Villagers are invited to register an interest in receiving information and notifications about Group activities by sending an email to .  Any queries may also be directed to this address.

Information on Wildlife in Flaxton

Flaxton Village Green Botanical Survey 1999

Flaxton Village Green Botanical Survey 2012

Flaxton Fungi

Records of fungi found in Flaxton over several years by Malcolm Greaves

Flaxton Big Garden Birdwatch Report 2024

Big Garden Birdwatch Report Flaxton

Flaxton Pond Survey 2024

Flaxton Pond Survey

Useful Links to Environment-related Websites

Below are some links to useful websites dealing with environmental issues.  It is anticipated that this will be added to from time to time.  If you have a particular issue you want to address, please check this list to see if it’s covered, if not let us know via .

Similarly, if you know of a useful website which is not listed, please let us know on via the above email address.


www.recycle-more.co.uk – Where to recycle near me.  A handy site where you can find the nearest place to recycle specific waste materials.

www.recyclenow.com Similar to the above, gives information on where you can recycle specific materials, including whether you can recycle them from home.

www.recycle-more.co.uk Ryedale Environmental Group – their green guide gives information on local recycling sites in Ryedale

www.stnicks.org.uk/waste-and-sustainability gives information on recycling in York

Other Local Environment Groups

The Ryedale Environmental Group is an umbrella organisation for other local environmental groups.  For further information and links to the member groups see The Ryedale Environmental Group – Ryedale Environmental Group (ryedaleenvirogroup.co.uk).  They also have a useful Green Guide with information on Recycling (see above), Composting, Green homes and other buildings, Food, Transport and Environmental projects in the local area.

Local Nature Restoration Strategy

This strategy is currently under development by North Yorkshire Council and City of York Council, and aims to “consider land at a county scale and will identify locations to improve nature and provide other benefits, such as capturing carbon from the atmosphere, flood regulation and access to nature-rich spaces where this is most needed for health and wellbeing”.  For further information and details of how to get involved, see www.northyorks.gov.uk/environment-and-neighbourhoods/conservation/local-nature-recovery-strategy

Group Posts

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