The planning applications relating to the Flaxton area or on which the council is consulted are shown by calendar year below.  Detail of each planning application including their status and related documents and plans can be reviewed via the relevant link to the Ryedale Area Section of the North Yorkshire Council Planning Application System.

Once in the system you can click on the Documents tab for the relevant planning application.  Note the link to “View associated documents” link is not highlighted and can be confusing at first..

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Published DateSummary of Planning Application (as shown on the Ryedale District Council Planning System)See More on Ryedale DC Planning System
Thu 28th Mar, 2024ZE24/00379/CAT | Reduce the height of 10no. Golden Gage (G1-10) back to 2 metres. reduce the height of 13no. Damson (D1-13) back to 2 metres and removal of 3no. Damson (D14-16) | Garth End House Main Street Flaxton YO60 7RJView the Planning Application and Status Here
Wed 31st Jan, 2024ZE24/00102/CAT | T1 Apple – crown reduction by approximately 1 metre of main trunks, T2 Double-Blossom Cherry – remove branches affected by fungal infection (honey fungus) for safety reasons, T3 Golden Cypress – Crown lift of lowest foliage to reduce shading and intrusion on adjoining property,T4 Holly – Prune overhanging branches, T5 Wild Plum – prune branches overhanging neighbouring property, T6 Norway Spruce – Crown lift to reduce shading, T7 Holly – Reshape canopy and remove dead trunk of elm, T8 Contorted Willow – repollard, T9 Western Hemlock – Prune branches overhanging neighbour’s garden, T10 Norway Spruce – Fell to remove shading and interaction with adjoining trees, T11 -possible Golden Thuja – Fell | Fir Tree House Main Street Flaxton YO60 7RRView the Planning Application and Status Here
Wed 31st Jan, 2024ZE24/00098/CAT | A3 and A4 Alder, Ash 1 – Fell due to shading pond and canopy protruding over road, W6 Willow -Fell due to shading pond, W1 Willow – remove branches overhanging the pond, W7 Willow – remove overhanging branches and reduce crown to approximately 4m due to shading pond, excessive leaf fall and for the safety of track users | Land Off York Lane FlaxtonView the Planning Application and Status Here
Tue 2nd Jan, 2024ZE23/06969/FUL | Erection of two storey building to form offices, reception, meeting room, stores, kitchen, rest area and toilets (revision of part of approval 16/00229/MFUL dated 29.09.2016) (part-retrospective) | Flaxton Meadows York Lane Flaxton YO60 7QZView the Planning Application and Status Here