Village Information

Flaxton is within a Conservation Area so there are some specific planning considerations for which the Council has produced several information sheets.  The Common Land is managed by the Green Gait Committee whose contact details are also provided.  Here is the Flaxton Green Ownership Decision Document from July 1982 that determined Flaxton Village Green to be Common Land.

Information Sheets

The information sheets cover the following topics:

  1. Extent of the Common Lands – Provides a description and a plan of the Commons or Greens which are managed by the Green Gait Owners
  2. Protection of Flaxton Green and Your Rights – Answers some key questions regarding your rights on Flaxton Green
  3. Planning Restrictions on Common Lands – Summarises the development restrictions on the Common Lands
  4. Access to Common Lands – Summarises the restrictions regarding vehicular access to the Common Lands
  5. Extent of the Conservation Area – Provides a description and a plan of the Conservation Area where particular planning restrictions apply
  6. Listed Buildings – Summarises the Listed Buildings in the Parish and their key features
  7. Planning Control – Summarises the Planning and Enforcement processes and provides a plan of the permitted development area
  8. Satellite Dishes – Summarises the restrictions around the installation of Satellite Dishes
  9. LPG Tanks – Summarises the restrictions around the installation of LPG Tanks
  10. Display Boards – Summarises the restrictions around the use of display and advertising boards in the Conservation Area
  11. Agricultural Developments – Summarises the restrictions around Agricultural Developments
  12. Tree Preservation Orders – Summarises the restrictions regarding the pruning and felling of trees
  13. Ponds – Describes the protections which apply to the ponds in the village
  14. Mowing the Green – Provides guidelines to villagers wishing to mow the Green
  15. Bat Conservation Trust Leaflet outlines the legislation which must be taken into account when working on trees.
  16. Flooding in Flaxton – Outlines roles and responsibilities when flooding occurs.
  17. Ecological survey Flaxton Green and Crofts and Ecological Survey Flaxton 2012 – Provide independent surveys of the plants that can be found in Flaxton.

Green Gait Contacts

Any questions or queries regarding Flaxton Green can be addressed to either the Green Gait Chairman or Green Masters.

Chairman – Stephen Axford, Tel: 01904 468251 Email:

Green Master – Mr A Lawrence, Tel: 01904 468472

Green Master – Mr C Guyer, Tel: 01904 468529