Local Planning Information

Planning Applications

Planning Applications and Planning Control are managed by Ryedale District Council.

The Parish Council is consulted on Planning Applications which fall within the Parish Boundary or may have an impact on the Parish Community.

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Flaxton Property Finder

Most properties in Flaxton do not have a house number.  Consequently it can be difficult to locate a property without good local knowledge.  The link below can be used to identify the location of most properties in Flaxton.  We will provide a more accurate guide in due course.

View Property Locations in Flaxton

North Yorkshire County Council Interactive Map

The North Yorkshire County Council website has an interactive location finder which shows all properties in Flaxton.  You can search by house name  (first few characters of the house name followed by “Flaxton”) or simply search for “Flaxton” from where you can select a property by name.  You can zoom in and out of the interactive map and add different map layers to show public footpaths and tracks and local features.

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Flaxton Ordnance Survey Maps

The Scottish Library Archive holds a number of old maps of Flaxton Village from different times and in different scales which can be viewed on their website.

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Village Planning Information Sheets

Flaxton is within a Conservation Area so there are some specific planning considerations for which the Council has produced several information sheets covering a variety of interesting topics.

View Village Information Sheets.