Agricultural Developments

Since 1992, Ryedale District Council has operated a system of notification for all types of agricultural development. The Guidance Document drawn up has been approved by the Country Landowners Association, the National Farmers Union, the Campaign to Protection Rural England and ADAS.

Whilst the original document prepared by the District Council was consistent with the then existing PPG 7, it has since been revised in line with the latest revision of the PPG with particular reference to the use of darker roof colours and the use of traditional styles in historic surroundings.

The designation ‘agricultural development’ covers not only buildings but also extensions to buildings, new farm roadways and alterations to existing private roads. Following application, the District Council has 28 days in which to seek more detailed proposals even if the proposed development falls outside the ‘permitted development’ provisions.

Ryedale District Council have prepared Guidance Notes and enquiry forms for prospective developers and both are available from the planning department. The topics covered include:

  1. Siting,
  2. Design,
  3. Colour,
  4. Landscaping.

The Council’s Planning Officers welcome early discussions with farmers and their agents at the earliest possible stage in any proposed developments, since Planning Guidance is constantly under review.