Extent of the Conservation Area

There are parts of many villages and towns within Ryedale which are considered to have exceptional qualities and, as such, should be protected and enhanced. Ryedale District Council has designated many such areas as ‘Conservation Areas’. A large part of Flaxton was designated a Conservation Area in 1986 and covers most of the central area of the village and the area known as The Crofts, to the north of the main street.

The area specifically covered by Conservation status is as follows:

  1. To the west of the main street (from the cattle grid at Glebe Farm to The Kell) to include the Church, Rectory, Methodist Church and the Green as far as Kell Cottage.
  2. To the east of the main street, to include the area known as The Crofts and then bounded by the northern line of the properties in Barney Lane where it meets Back Lane. The boundary then follows Back Lane to a point adjacent to Copperfield and then back to the cattle grid at Glebe Farm.

A map showing the extent of the conservation area is shown below.

Conservation areas are subject to all the usual planning controls but will often be subject to tighter controls or to additional constraints. Building design and use of appropriate materials are closely scrutinised and controlled by the Council officers to ensure that any new development fits in sympathetically with the existing and surrounding area. Early consultation with the local planning authority is advised in all cases where developments are proposed in the Conservation Area.

Diagram showing extent of the Flaxton Conservation Area