Guidelines for Residents of Properties Bordering Flaxton Green

There are several restrictions on access to Flaxton Green which are set out below.

  1. You have no rights of ownership over Flaxton Green. Please treat it as you would your immediate neighbours land.
  2. Flaxton Green is common land and is therefore strongly protected in law. For example, no one is allowed to resurface, make ditches or banks, fence or enclose Flaxton Green. However, anyone is allowed to walk across the Green.
  3. Vehicular access tracks to the properties across the common land of the Green must not be altered and can only be repaired with loose material, i.e. ashes, pebbles or stone chippings.
  4. No new vehicular accesses can be created across the Green and existing accesses cannot be widened.
  5. Vehicular access to your property across the Green can be registered with the Land Registry as a prescriptive right if it has been enjoyed for 20 years.
  6. It is illegal to drive on any land without lawful authority, except within 15 yards of a road in order to park on that land. If driving across common land without using existing access tracks, it becomes illegal if it is to park on your own property or beyond 15 yards of the road.
  7. Parking on the Green is subject to the restrictions above. It is within the Green Gait Owners rights to remove any object that interferes with the enjoyment of their grazing rights. Please be aware that the Green Gait Owners may require you to remove vehicles parked on the Green to allow grass cutting or to repair damage to the Green. Commercial vehicles and caravans will not be permitted to be parked on the Green.
  8. Grass cutting by owners is by permission of the Green Gait Owners and is currently permitted only in front of the resident’s own property. Please get permission from your neighbour before cutting in front of their property. Where the Green is wide, please consider restricting mowing to an area close to your front boundary. No additional management of the grass, such as weed control, is permitted.
  9. Management of trees and other plants growing on the Green is the responsibility of the Green Gait Owners. Daffodils and wild flowers growing on the Green must not be picked.
  10. Garden waste and tree and shrub prunings from adjoining properties must not be left on the Green. Please report any fly tipping incidents to the Green Gait Owners.
  11. Temporary storage of materials and equipment on the Green may be permitted by the Green Gait Owners, but the surface of the Green must be reinstated once the work is finished, using a suitable seed mixture, if necessary.

 Grass/herb mixture suitable for hay making and grazing

 Emorsgate Seeds mixture EG26 comprising:

1% yarrow

5% meadow foxtail *

5% crested dogstail*

15% cocksfoot*

15% meadow fescue*

15% red fescue*

30% perennial rye-grass*

5% timothy*

4% ribwort

3% red clover

2% white clover


sowing rate 4g/metre,16kg/acre,40kg/ha.

Contacts for More Information

For further information please contact the Green Gait Chairman or Green Masters.