LPG Tanks

Planning permission is always required for the siting of LPG tanks within the curtilage of domestic property.

Tanks must be sited some distance from the house and elevated above ground so that any escape of gas from relief valves can be readily dispersed.

Applications for planning permission for an LPG tank will generally be approved where:

  1. mains services are not readily available, and
  2. the tank will not readily be visible to the general public or neighbours or, if the only possible site results in the tank being visible, screening will be required to achieve planning consent, Ryedale DC will expect to see the tank screened by shrubs or trees on at least one boundary. For tanks up to 5,000 litres the screening must be a minimum of one metre from the tank. In order to allow gas to be dispersed any other screening (i.e fencing) should be a minimum of three metres from the tank. Ryedale DC can supply a list of suitable shrubs and trees for use as screening with suggested minimum planting distances, and
  3. the tank will not spoil the appearance of a listed building or any significant features in the surrounding area, and
  4. vapour from the tank, refuelling point or pipes is unlikely to cause damage to any significant surrounding features, and
  5. access and parking for LPG tankers are unlikely to worsen the existing traffic problems and road safety, and
  6. sufficient space is available around the tank to meet the standards shown on the illustration in Guidance Note HSG34 “The Storage of LPG or fixed installations” issued by the Health and Safety Executive. (Available from HMSO)

Any other detailed technical advice and guidance can be obtained from Ryedale DC’s Health Department. If you are considering the use of LPG a letter to the Chief Planning Officer together with a plan showing the proposed position and size of the tank will allow him to advise you whether an application would succeed and if not any recommendations or amendments which may be required before submitting (and paying for !) full planning permission.

Legislation and associated advice with regard to safety and other aspects of LPG tanks is constantly being reviewed and updated. It is therefore advised that preliminary discussions with the local planning authority are made before proceeding with installations.