Message From Flaxton Environment Group – No-Mow May

No Mow May

Thinking of getting the mower out?  Have you considered letting some of your grass grow to benefit wildlife?  Varying mowing regimes and letting some grassy areas grow can be very beneficial to bees, butterflies, other insects, frogs, toads, newts and other animals as well as benefiting the wild flowers that grow there.  They can also be attractive as the wild flowers provide patches of colour within the green.

Find out more about No-Mow May.


Flaxton Environment Group – Useful Environment-related Website Links

A new section has been added to the Parish Council website page for the Flaxton Environment Group, giving links to other websites dealing with environmental issues including recycling, other local environmental groups and the Local Nature Restoration Strategy.

You can find the latest section towards the bottom of this page:

Further links will be added in due course.

If you know of any useful sites that could be included, or would like to see any particular additional issues represented, please let us know via

Great Crested Newts in Flaxton ponds

On Good Friday, at the invitation of Flaxton Environment Group, members of the Yorkshire Amphibian and Reptile Group carried out a survey of ponds in Flaxton for amphibians, looking particularly for Great Crested Newts.  Find out how they got on here Pond survey for great crested newts in Flaxton.


Big Garden Birdwatch Report

The summary report of the Flaxton results for the Big Garden Birdwatch is now available and can be found on the Flaxton Environment Group page or can be downloaded here:

Big Garden Birdwatch Report Flaxton

Many thanks to all those who took part.

Nigel Boatman