A64 2020 Survey Response

Good Afternoon

I hope this email finds you well. Earlier this year we sent out a questionnaire to ask for feedback following a significant amount of work carried out on Highways England’s behalf on the A64. We received a good response to the questionnaire and a wide variety of questions were posed. We have now collated the information and have put them together on the attached with our responses. Our apologies for the delay. Much of the feedback received was anonymous so we were unable to respond to individuals in those cases but it was felt others may be interested in the responses so we have distributed this document with that in mind.  Where contact details were provided we have provided responses that are included.  We are happy for this to be passed to anyone you feel this may be of interest to, there is also a copy of this document available on Highways England’s website.

We hope this is of interest to you, thank you for your time.

Kind regards


Karen Gaunt

Customer and Stakeholder Liaison Manager


Normanton House, Tyler Close, Normanton Industrial Estate, Normanton  WF6 1RL