Consultation – A64 between Hopgrove and Barton-le-Willows

Letter from National Highways

We have received a letter dated from National Highways regarding the A64 between the Hopgrove junction and Barton-le-Willows inviting feedback on issues relating to this section of the A64.

There is also advance notice of road works between Claxton and Barr Lane (Stockton on the Forest) taking place between 1st November 2021 and 4th December 2021.

Letter Content

Dear Parish Clerk,

I am writing to introduce myself and provide you with a few updates on the work we are doing to develop the A64 between Hopgrove junction and Barton-le-Willows. The A64 Hopgrove Scheme is one of 32 pipeline schemes the government has asked National Highways to consider as part of their third Road Investment Strategy (RIS3). There is no commitment from government to develop this scheme beyond this current stage. However, we’re currently developing options by engaging with our stakeholders and carrying out more research.

We’d like your help gathering feedback.

Between Monday 25th October and Sunday 21st November 2021, National Highways will be asking the public to provide their feedback about the A64 between Hopgrove junction and Barton-le-Willows.

Feedback can be provided on a range of issues affecting the route. We will also seek to understand how any future changes to the road could improve livelihoods and quality of life, and help to address concerns about congestion, environmental issues, and safety.

The feedback we get from this engagement with our customers will help us better understand the local context and current issues around the A64 and help us present a case for future improvement to the Department for Transport.

To encourage our customers to contribute their views, a press release will be issued to the local media on Monday and we’ll also be using social media, putting up posters and sending postcards to approximately 10,000 households and businesses near the route, including residents in your parish. I’d be grateful if you could share this letter and poster with your colleagues and residents as we are keen to include the views of as many stakeholders as possible. A copy of the poster and postcard are attached.

To access the feedback form, visit our website at: or scan the QR code on the attached poster and postcard.

If you have any queries about this letter, please contact us at or call us on 0300 123 5000.

A64 Hopgrove poster

A64 Hopgrove resident postcard

Upcoming resurfacing work

Please be aware that (evening and overnight) resurfacing work is scheduled to take place on the A64 between Barr Lane and Claxton from 1st November to 4th December 2021. We are not seeking feedback about the resurfacing work as part of this engagement, but for more information please visit:

Thank you in advance for sharing this information with other interested parties and we look forward to receiving your feedback.

Yours sincerely
Jim Brown
Project Manager
National Highways