Whilst we understand people like to sometimes celebrate events with fireworks, we are also aware that many animals are distressed by them.

There are no restrictions on holding firework events on any day so long as they are lit between 7am and 11pm (exceptions are before 12pm on 5th November and before 1am on New Year’s Day).

The Parish Council thought it might be helpful to let people know in advance of any events involving fireworks in the area (when we are notified) so that steps can be taken to minimise any upset for animals.

There will be private firework events in or near Flaxton on Saturday 8th October 2022 at 9pm and during the evening of Friday 4th November 2022.

There will of course be other events around the 5th November 2022 when some families celebrate Guy Fawkes Day.

If you would like to inform us of any other planned firework events, please contact

Thank you.