We hope you have come through these dreadful times safely.  In view of the promising progress back towards normality, we have arranged an event to which you are warmly invited.  It is an afternoon visit to the gardens at Mill House, Warthill.  Pat and Ivan Adams have developed an impressive estate with a wide variety of plants in excellent condition, two ponds, a wooded walk and a walled garden.  There is plenty of space so social distancing will be easy.

This will be a trial event to assess if it is worthwhile to resume our Gardening Club activities so please do what you can to come along.  Bring friends, relatives, and anyone with just a passing interest in plants – they will not be disappointed.  You do not have to be a member of the Gardening Club!  Please note our hosts have requested that we do NOT bring any dogs.


Thanks, FGC Committee

Monday 16th August 2021, start 2pm

Visit to The Gardens at Mill House, Warthill, YO19 5XS (hosts Pat and Ivan Adams)

Cost: £5 per head (to include Pat’s impressive home baking!)

If you can come, please tell John Chambers by Thursday 5th August (01904 468893)

Directions: From the Towthorpe cross-roads on the A64, take Common Lane towards Warthill.  Continue past the turn to Stockton on the Forest then, just after the road bends to the right, take the second on the left, down a long drive.  If  you reach Breezy Knees on the other side of the road, you have gone too far!


Link to Google Maps for directions here