Flaxton Village Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebration

At the recent Village open meeting to discuss what, if anything, the Village should do to
celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, it was decided, subject to there being sufficient
interest, to organise a PLATINUM JUBILEE TEA PARTY.

The proposal is to hold the event on the car park outside the Village hall (so we could go
indoors WHEN / IF the weather is not too good) on SUNDAY JUNE 5th, starting at 1.00pm
and finishing whenever.

The event would be open to all Flaxton Residents together with their family and friends.

The hope is that as many people as possible would be willing to provide buffet food that
could be shared by all. Typically we would be looking for, but not limited to….
sandwiches, sausage rolls, pies, crisps, sausages on sticks, crusty bread and butter
etc..….and of course CAKES.

We need to know estimated numbers of how many will be interested and hoping to attend
and what type of food they could / would provide. (We will do some form of allocation/
organisation nearer the day to ensure we do not get 2000 egg sandwiches!)

Tea, Coffee fruit squash, along with paper cups and plates would be provided but people
would be welcome to bring their own alcohol!

Activities discussed included but again not limited to, a village treasure hunt, a children’s
Jubilee ‘Bake Off’ cake competition (possibly an adults one as well), Childrens fancy
dress, dog show.


1) PLEASE let us know if you would be interested in such an event, and to give us an
idea of numbers, how many of your family/friends would possibly attend. Please
note there will be no charge.

2) Would you be prepared to help and provide food, if so what?

Answers to the questions, by 1st May PLEASE, can be made via the Village Whatsapp
group, email below, or those who do not use this media we will revert to the good old
fashioned way, just put your name, answers, and contact details on a piece of paper and
into a box we will be placing in the entrance porch of the village hall.

Once we have confirmation that there is enough interest more details will of course

Lets try and make this a day the villagers of Flaxton can get together and (especially the

Jeff and Alison Jordan