Let’s Talk… North Yorkshire

Please see the information below regarding the new North Yorkshire Council and how you can have your say:

On 1 April 2023, North Yorkshire Council will replace the eight councils currently delivering public services in North Yorkshire.

Over the next few months, the council will be holding the biggest countrywide conversation North Yorkshire has ever seen – ‘Let’s Talk’ – to find out which issues are most important to you, and how they can best support you and your community.

How can I take part?

The first topic of conversation will be ‘Let’s Talk Local’, and they will be asking you which local services are most important to you, and what you think of the proposed Community Networks. Teams from the council will be holding these conversations in person across North Yorkshire at the places you visit and socialise at, like libraries and street markets, and talking to members of local groups. Later in the autumn, they will be asking for your views to help shape the budget for the council, as well as the proposed devolution deal for York and North Yorkshire.

You can also share your views online or, if you’d prefer, on paper. Surveys are available in accessible formats including large print and easy read, plus selected alternative languages – simply call 01609 780780 to request your copy.

Join the conversation

Here are a few of the events taking place where you can have your say, with many more planned:


Date Event Location Time
26/09/2022 Supermobile Library – Weaverthorpe Opposite village hall, Weaverthorpe 10am-11am
29/09/2022 Rillington Free Fridge Rillington 10:30am-12pm
30/09/2022 Community One Stop Helmsley TBC
03/10/2022 Community One Stop Pickering TBC
12/10/2022 Kirbymoorside Library Kirbymoorside 10am-11am
12/10/2022 Community One Stop Kirbymoorside 11am-1pm
17/10/2022 Rainbow Lane Drop-in Malton TBC
19/10/2022 Malton Free Fridge Wesley Centre, Saville Street, Malton 10am-11am
20/10/2022 Pickering Library The Ropery, Pickering 10am-11.30am
21/10/2022 Supermobile Library – Slingsby Slingsby 10.30am-12pm
28/10/2022 Helmsley Library & Community One Stop Helmsley Town Hall, Market Place 10.30am-12pm
07/11/2022 Community One Stop Pickering TBC
09/11/2022 Community One Stop Kirkbymoorside TBC
10/11/2022 Norton Hive Library 86 Commerical Street, Norton 11am-12.30pm
15/11/2022 Malton Library St Michael Street, Malton 11am-12pm
21/11/2022 Rainbow Lane drop-in Malton TBC
25/11/2022 Community One Stop Helmsley TBC
02/12/2022 Next Steps Mental Health Resource Centre 7 Church Street, Norton 10.30am-12pm


Visit https://letstalkny.commonplace.is/ to share your views online.