Neighbourhood Watch – Bogus Police Officer Fraud

In recent days, North Yorkshire Police have received reports of phone calls being made by fraudsters impersonating police officers. The intended victim is called by someone claiming to be a police officer. A name used in two recent calls was DC Thomas Daniels from Paddington Police Station informing the victim that they had arrested a person in London using the victim’s bank card. The victim is instructed to go to their bank and withdraw all their money from their account. They are told a police officer will attend their home address to collect the money once it has been withdrawn for safekeeping. The victim is told to lie to the bank if they are challenged as to why they are wanting to withdraw such a large quantity in cash.

This is of course a scam and one we have seen many times in North Yorkshire.

  1. The police or bank will NEVER ask you to withdraw or transfer money to a ‘safe’ account set up by the police or bank.
  2. If you are ever told to lie to the bank as to why you are doing a particular transaction, it is a scam.
  3. Criminals can ‘spoof’ telephone numbers so the number that appears on your phone could be the same number that is on your bank card
  4. If you are in doubt, terminate the call immediately.
  5. Call 101

Message Sent By

Andy Fox (Police,Financial Abuse safeguarding Officer,North Yorkshire)