Neighbourhood Watch Message – Scam TV Engineers

We’ve been made aware that fraudsters are posing as TV engineers and offering to help local residents retune their TV’s following the Bilsdale mast fire for a fee of £200. We’ve been advised that this is not legitimate activity and advise you not to accept unsolicited offers of help.

If anyone knocks on your door to offer this service, do not let them into your home and do not give them any money.

Arqiva, the company which owns the Bilsdale mast, has informed us they are developing an official support plan with local organisations and we will share details of this when they are finalised.

If anyone approaches you at your home and you are concerned, do not let them in and call the police on 101 to report this.

Please share this message with friends, family and networks who may not use social media or be part of online networks and help us to keep everyone safe from these scammers.

Message Sent By
Carys Samuel (Police,Corp Comms Manager,North Yorkshire)