Sites Submitted to Ryedale for Potential Allocation for Development

Sites Submitted to Ryedale for Potential Allocation for Development

Ryedale District Council is currently seeking potential development sites and land to satisfy a need for more housing and commercial developments in the Ryedale area. The current Ryedale District Plan seeks to deliver at least 200 homes per annum to meet identified needs for new and affordable housing.

To date, two potential sites have been put forward in Flaxton village and one in Thornton-le-Clay (bordering Flaxton) and these can be found on the Ryedale website at Submitted sites – Ryedale District Council  Their approximate locations are shown on the map below reproduced from an Ordnance Survey map.

Several representations have already been made to the Parish Council in relation to potential developments on these sites.

At the Parish Council meeting of 16th December 2021, the Parish Council agreed their response to potential development on these sites. This response will be formally submitted to the consultation process.

The three sites put forward cover 10 Hectares of greenbelt land that (with Ryedale’s own indicative definition of low build density build of 30 homes per Hectare) would potentially support the development of 300 additional homes in a village which currently has around 138 dwellings and a population of 350.

The smallest submitted site on York Lane at 2.26 Hectares would support 60-70 homes.

Based on these simple facts the Parish Council will be opposed to any development on any of these sites due to their disproportionate scale, the lack of basic infrastructure to support them, and the increase in population that will come with them. However, the council is not opposed to new sustainable housing developments in the village per se.

Not all villagers will necessarily hold the same view as the Parish Council and so villagers are encouraged to ‘have their own say’ by responding directly to the consultation via the Ryedale website above. Villagers can also submit their views directly to the Parish Council via the “Contact the Council Form” at