Tips for Driving in Snow and Ice

Please see the following tips for driving in snow and ice from Richard Daffern, Watch Manager, Malton Red:

❄️    Take some warm, preferably hi-visibility clothing and a blanket.

❄️    Take a fully charged mobile phone with you.

❄️    Keep a torch handy (and spare batteries).

❄️    Take a snow spade or shovel.

❄️    Take a supply of energy bars or chocolate and a flask with a hot drink.

❄️    Take wellies, hat,  gloves and thick socks in case you need to dig yourself out.

❄️    Keep de-icer and an ice scraper handy.

❄️    Try to stick to main roads.  They are more likely to have been gritted.

❄️    Drive ‘gently’ and avoid any harsh braking or accelerating that could cause you to skid.

❄️    Keep your windscreen clear of ice and snow.  It’s illegal to drive without full visibility.

❄️    Carry a first aid kit, a warning triangle and some carpet to place under the drive wheels in case you get stuck.

❄️    Move off in second gear to help reduce wheel slip.

❄️    If you skid, don’t panic.  Steer gently into it, don’t take your hands off the steering wheel and don’t stamp on the brakes.