Neighbourhood Watch Update March 2021

Neighbourhood Watch

Several villagers have raised questions about the possibility of re-forming a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme following various reports of suspicious late night activity around Flaxton and neighbouring villages.

At the last council meeting it was felt that Neighbourhood Watch (NW) should be a community-lead initiative as a successful NW scheme requires active involvement of all the community that it serves.

Re-establishment of a Flaxton Neighbourhood Watch Scheme is likely to be a topic for consultation in the development of the Parish Plan, which will also be a community-lead initiative.

In the meantime, a council member has subscribed to receive general updates from the National Scheme and will start to publish them on here and also (in time) on a dedicated web-page on the site.

Attached you will find the March 2021 Newsletter which provides some interesting information about how to spot a growing number range of cyber and telephone scams, news about the March 2021 National Census, and details of a successful NW Scheme in Derbyshire.