Speeding Survey

Flaxton Parish Council is aware of the affect that speeding motorists can have on the safety and well-being of our residents and visitors.

You are invited to complete this simple and anonymous survey about the value to the community of having Vehicle Activated Speed Signage (VAS) in the village.  The results will be used to decide whether your Parish Council should apply for grant funding to install Vehicle Activated Speed Signage in the village.  The survey should take no more than two minutes to complete.

Please complete the survey before 31st July 2020 as we hope to have collated the results in the first week in August.

By completing the survey you need to understand that Flaxton Parish Council will use the details solely for collating the results of the Speeding Survey. You can read how we handle your data as described on our Privacy Policy Page.

Take the survey below by clicking on Start further below:

Speed Activated Sign

Flaxton Parish Council Speed Survey

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Drivers who do not observe speed limits are a problem in Flaxton Village.

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Drivers speeding through Flaxton Village are causing an increasing problem.

3 / 5

In my experience Vehicle Activated Signs help to reduce the speed of motorists.

4 / 5

I am in favour of the Parish Council applying for grant funding to install Vehicle Activated Signage in Flaxton.

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The main through road closest to my residence in Flaxton is:

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