Results of Flaxton Speeding Survey

The Speeding Survey closed on 31st July 2020


Firstly, we would like to thank villagers for taking time to respond to the Flaxton Speeding Survey.  Also to Alan and D at The Blacksmiths for allowing us to place the survey returns box in the pub foyer.

We anticipate having an agenda item to discuss the findings and agree on the next steps at the council meeting on 20th August 2020.

We had 89 responses, 57 on-line and 32 on paper survey forms.  The respondents also represented the different areas of the village.

Some additional comments were made on the paper forms regarding other speed reduction methods, such as greater camera van presence, chicanes and ‘sleeping policemen’.



You will see from the results in the table below that, in general, villagers believe strongly that there is a problem with motorists speeding through the village.

Respondents are also strongly in favour of installing Vehicle Activated Signage (VAS) to deter speeding, but there appears to be some doubt about the overall speed reductions that VAS may deliver.